En esta página se colocará sobre tips o datos cortos que se deben tener en cuenta, o simplemente son curiosos.

Capa 2


  • UplinkFast is a Root Port optimization.
  • Do not enable UplinkFast on every switch in your network! Only enable UplinkFast on leaf-node Catalysts such as your IDF switches.


  • BackboneFast is a Max Age optimization. It allows the default convergence time for indirect failures to be reduced from 50 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • BackboneFast should be enabled on every switch in your network.

Capa 3


  • Un access-list por número, cuando no tiene nada configurado. Niega por defecto. deny any
Interface FastEthernet 0/0
   ip access-group 1
  • Un ip access-list nombrado, cuando no tiene nada configurado, Permite todo por defecto. permit any
route-map BGP_OUT permit 10
  match ip address ACL_NAME_MED

NAT Order Operation:

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